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User Spotlight: Myra Goodman Smith, Leadership Metro Richmond

Get to know Myra Goodman Smith, President and CEO of Leadership Metro Richmond.

“My nature is one of support and service and I am proud and honored to be able to just that for our leaders.”

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) works to connect and educate diverse groups of community leaders — inspiring them to serve our region. LMR increases leaders’ knowledge and perspectives on key regional issues and inspires them to serve as collaborative, inclusive, and service-driven leaders.

As President and CEO of LMR, I have the opportunity to work with our region’s most committed and dedicated leaders. My role provides me the opportunity to have a seat at various tables of community solution building, where I am given the opportunity to see our region’s leadership in action. My nature is one of support and service, and I am proud and honored to be able to do so for our leaders.

Q: How is your work aligning with ConnectVA’s?

Our core values are strongly aligned with the mission of ConnectVA. Our programs provide community leaders with the tools needed to make an impact and be effective in our region. We agree with Joe Summer of Auburn University as he explains, “Community vitality is largely determined by the quantity of leaders in a community and how, individually and collectively, they talk, decide, act, and interact with one another.”

Leadership Metro Richmond values the reach that ConnectVA has to community leaders, so we post our programs and events through it.

Q: What is a lesson learned in this position?

Serving as the CEO of a leadership development organization and leading the large network of diverse leaders in our region, I must walk the talk. I am held accountable to many and the integrity of the organization is rooted in how I talk, act, make decisions, and interact with others; I must serve first, and then lead.

Q: What’s coming next?

Leadership Metro Richmond has recently completed its refreshed strategic plan. It is exciting to work with committed Board and Committee members and dedicated and talented staff to bring our purpose and core values to life.

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