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User Spotlight: Molly MacBean, Circle Center Adult Day Services

Get to know Molly MacBean, Community Liaison with Circle Center Adult Day Services.

“I’m constantly impressed with the dedication and commitment of the families and the staff to the well-being of each participant.”

Q: What do you love about your work?

I love working with older adults! I had a mid-life transformation from corporate IT to the nonprofit sector after caring for my mother through Alzheimer’s and chronic illness. I was getting older and fed up listening to statements promoting youth and reversing aging. Embracing aging opens up so many possibilities! It was time for me to invest myself fully in learning what was happening to me as I aged as well as helping other to do the same thing.

Q: Tell us a little about what you do.

Circle Center Adult Day Services is empowering frail older adults to have full, purposeful days in our homey community that assists participants with Alzheimer’s and other dementia, Parkinson’s, those who have strokes and those who are coming home from rehab or out of the hospital. Monday through Saturday, we have participants from as far as Hopewell who make friends, socialize, stay active, receive medication management, help with daily living needs, proper nutrition, and support.

Q: How are you leveraging ConnectVA to achieve your mission?

Our work aligns with ConnectVA’s mission because we are empower our families to stay healthy and together as well as prolonging their long-term care funds.

We recruit volunteers through HandsOn Greater Richmond. ConnectVA 501 Tech Club offers fantastic, economical technology classes. ConnectVA is a great resource for local nonprofits and charities. Everything from events to jobs are covered in one daily resource!

Q: What’s coming next?

For Circle Center, I’m looking forward to continuing to develop and expand our evidence-based programs to meet the needs of the growing numbers of older adults as well as finding new ways to support their busy family caregivers so they have access to respite, information, and guidance to minimize stress. I plan on continuing to support the organization, complete my masters in gerontology, and start the CVA certification process.

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