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User Spotlight: Lindsey Leach, Legal Information Network for Cancer

Take a moment to get to know Lindsey Leach, Executive Assistant with the Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC).

“It is our volunteers who show me the incredible power of the human spirit and what the generosity of time can do to change so much.”

Q. What is the focus of your work and how is your work aligning with ConnectVA’s mission to empower individuals, advance organizations, and strengthen our community? 

LINC’s work involves assisting cancer patients, survivors, and their families with their non-medical needs that arise with a cancer diagnosis. We assess our clients based on income level, geography, needs, and the most important determinate being that they have to be a cancer patient or survivor in the Greater Richmond area. Last year we served approximately 346 clients and this year we are helping even more people because we added an attorney to our staff (much of what we do is related to legal and financial issues associated with cancer which then results in a referral to an attorney who does low cost legal work). 

Our work aligns with ConnectVA’s mission because we empower our clients by providing them with community resources that can help them take care of their pressing issues so they can then focus on what is important: their path to recovery and spending time with their loved ones. ConnectVA empowers nonprofits in the community so that we can make these positive changes.

Q. How are you leveraging ConnectVA to achieve your mission?

I used ConnectVA to find this job and currently post our events on the calendar. I recruit volunteers through HandsOn Greater Richmond, and also take classes through Nonprofit Learning Point. ConnectVA is a truly powerful tool and a wonderful resource for local nonprofits and charities. Having it at our disposal has made me a better professional and better at my job because of the marketing, educational, and networking advantages. 

Q. What do you find most rewarding about your work?

I am deeply involved in keeping LINC going with our day-to-day needs and so I mostly work with our volunteers. Working with volunteers is one of the most rewarding experiences in this job. I love what I do, who I work with, and I believe in LINC’s mission but it is our volunteers who show me the incredible power of the human spirit and what the generosity of time can do to change so much. Be it an office volunteer or an event volunteer, I am often moved by these people who give so much of themselves in the name of a cause they believe in. I am awed and humbled by my volunteers; they amaze me every day.

Q. What’s next for you and/or for LINC?

LINC is on the rise. While we are a small nonprofit, run by three fulltime women we are mighty and we are moving! This to me is very exciting, not just because we have more events and visibility, but because more people who need our services are finding out about them and seeking us out. As an individual and nonprofit professional, I am growing and getting challenged to. If I wasn’t a renaissance woman before this job, I certainly am now! 

Being a part of the local nonprofit world has expanded my awareness about my community and because of this it has made me want to get involved, make positive changes, and help it grow. I love Richmond and I love the nonprofit sector. I am a person full of gratitude for everything LINC does, for every resource made available because of ConnectVA, and for so many wonderful people out there who want to help make positive changes in Richmond!


Lindsey Leach has been the Executive Assistant of LINC for a year and a half. She graduated from Christopher Newport University and has a background in journalism, Montessori education, local government, and nonprofits. Before LINC, Lindsey worked for Henrico County.

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