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User Spotlight: Jason Wiedel, Sussex-Surry Habitat for Humanity

Meet Jason Wiedel the Project Manager for the Sussex-Surry Chapter of Habitat for Humanity Virginia

A little about Jason:

Not only does Jason direct the work of Habitat for Hunanity in Sussex and Surry counties but he also runs a community outreach coffee shop, The Center, in the town of Surry and has served as a youth and associate pastor at the New Harvest Christian Life Ministries. 

A little about Jason’s work:

Habitat for Humanity is not just about affordable housing, it’s about transformational housing. Providing a decent place to live is not just about four walls and a roof – it’s about providing stability, hope and dignity. Habitat’s work in Sussex and Surry is fairly new and there is a tremendous need for quality affordable housing. 

Can you share a success story you’ve experienced?

The first project that we did in Sussex County was for a widow who was not able to afford repairs of her aging home, a home with a nearly unusable bathroom, bad plumbing and numerous leaks. However, we were able to partner with several agencies and work together to replace the bathroom, provide new doors and windows, install a new HVAC system, and repair several other issues – allowing this senior homeowner a safe, comfortable home that she can be proud of. 

What about future projects or goals?

Our goals for this coming year are to conduct numerous housing rehabs and to build one new home. We are also exploring ways that we can work closely with the counties of Sussex and Surry to improve housing in these communities. We are also excited about a new initiative called the Apostle’s Group. This will be a group of churches who are committed to partner with Habitat to address housing needs. The churches of Surry and Sussex are incredibly important resources and we welcome any community leaders who are interested in meeting the practical needs of the community.

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