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User Spotlight: Cheryl Groce-Wright, Neighborhood Resource Center

Meet Cheryl Groce-Wright, Executive Director at the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC).

?Every day when I leave the NRC, I know that I have made a difference in someone?s life, AND as I reflect on my day, I also know that someone made a difference in mine!?

Q: What is the focus of your work and is the need you are addressing? How is your work having an impact on our community?

My work at the NRC provides resources that empower our community members to reach their greatest potential as well as a means for neighborhood development led by the community residents themselves. As the leader and director, I find that my time and days consist of doing a little bit of everything that helps our center run. I do a lot of meeting with staff, with community partners and people that support us. I have occasion to go on field trips, particularly when another driver is needed. The other day I was on the trip out to see Shalom Farms and all that they do out there in Goochland County. I occasionally get to cook if we are having an event or something special going on, or just to prove to my staff what a renaissance woman I am. I answer the phones a lot, I write a ton of grant proposals, and my favorite thing about my job is getting to interact with all the amazing people that come through our doors, be they children, parents, adults — you name it, we serve them. 

Q: What are some major challenges you have faced and how have you handled them? What is a lesson learned in this position?

We have experienced a great deal of staff turnover since I started last year, and with staff transitions comes culture change which has been positive and also challenging. That has allowed us an opportunity to redefine who we are and how we do things — and we?ve already begun to see the results in how many people are now using the center’s services. Lesson learned ? don?t be afraid to do things a different way. ?We?ve always done it this way? is bad reason not to try something new!!!

Q: What?s coming next for you and/or for your organization that really excites you?  

We are planning a fundraiser in December that will feature a spaghetti dinner, free haircuts by Dot Reid of ?Refuge for Men,? a toy collection opportunity for neighbors to donate holiday gifts for the children we serve. And we are having a community Pot Luck Supper also in December that will welcome all of our neighbors that want to become involved with Greater Fulton?s Future. 

Cheryl has been working in educational and nonprofit settings her entire professional career and has degrees in Communication, Psychology and Business Administration. She began her work at the NRC in September 2012, having most recently worked on a bullying prevention research project at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Want to hear more about Cheryl? She was recently interviewed on Inspire Indeed on WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio. Check here for more information.

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