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Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Spotlight: Damon Jiggetts, Peter Paul Development Center

Get to know this week’s spotlight – Damon Jiggetts, Executive Director of the Peter Paul Development Center – and featured speaker at The Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Spotlight with YNPN RVA & Style Weekly!

Tell us a little about your professional development pathway.

My professional development pathway begins with 3 words – passion, purpose, profession.  Once I identified my passion for ensuring the well being of young people, I looked for employment opportunities and connections in order to share that passion.  That outward expression of my passion became my purpose.  Guided by my passion, my job became the tool to contribute in very purposeful ways to young people while building my professional capacity.  As I continued to learn professionally and grow personally, I actively looked for opportunities to expand my sphere of influence.  My purpose evolved into a profession which is consistently motivated by the lessons I’ve learned, the stories I can tell about the young people I serve, and the drive to do even more.  There’s no peace without passion.

What are the top 3 things you want people to know about your organization?

We’re an intensive academic after school and summer enrichment program serving students in one of the densest concentrations of poverty in the country.

We believe that our students and parents are not just products of their environment, but products of expectations, so we set the bar high.

We believe community development begins from within, so we build the capacity of East End residents to become advocates and positive contributors to their community.

Damon Jiggetts, when he was nominated as a Top 40 Under 40 Honoree in 2011, then Vice President of Operations for Communities in Schools. 

What’s the number one way you keep your organization learning and growing?

Always innovate. If we’re comfortable, something’s wrong.  There’s always something we can do to be of greater value.  Create, evaluate, innovate!

How does your work or organization help empower individuals, advance organizations and strengthen community?

“Empower the community” is a part of our purpose statement.  In order to truly effect change in this impoverished community, we can’t continue to do for our residents.  We must build their capacity to do for self, while working alongside them.  We also provide a framework for our partners to work within, guiding our respective efforts towards collective impact.

Want to hear more about Damon’s career path and professional growth, and how he was able to accomplish so much at such a young age?  Come to the Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Spotlight with YNPN RVA & Style Weekly, where you’ll get a chance to hear from Damon, as well as the other Top 40 Under 40 Nonprofit Honorees from 2014! There will be networking, food, drinks, raffles, prizes and lots of fun – everyone’s welcome!

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