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Tip of the Week: Website Bugs

Eeek! Did you encounter a bug on our website?

First, let us apologize! Our website is still shiny and new but may also still have a few kinks to be worked out. If you encounter a bug while using ConnectVA, here are some quick tips to help you squash the problem and get back on your way:

  1. Check your browser. Are you using Internet Explorer? Unfortunately, ConnectVA does not currently support Internet Explorer. Please access ConnectVA using another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome (both free and easy to download), while we resolve this issue.
  2. Clear your cache. Just like a motor or an old-fashioned clock, sometimes the web and your computer get gummed up and you have to clean things out to get them working properly again. Try signing out of ConnectVA and clearing your browser’s cache. You can usually find how to do this under your browser’s history menu. Then sign back into ConnectVA and try again!
  3. Slow down and try one more time. Is it really a bug? ConnectVA is a new website with an updated system for using our tools and features. Take note of form and field requirements when adding entries. If you’re still having trouble, visit our Help page for helpful FAQs and How-Tos.
  4. Tell us! Ok, you’ve tried everything and the website is not being very friendly. Report bugs and other issues to your (always friendly) ConnectVA Administrators at info@connectva.org. We welcome feedback and suggestions too!

Lastly, please know we are regularly fixing bugs, launching new features, adding useful content and planning upgrades so ConnectVA continues to be the best for you. Thank you to all our users for your patience, support, and feedback.

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