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Tip of the Week: Communications and Marketing Message Board

Seeking real-time answers to important questions related to communication & marketing?

PRSA Richmond has joined forces with ConnectVA to host a specialty forum devoted to marketing and communications.

The ConnectVA Communication & Marketing Message Board is a useful and productive tool through which PRSA Richmond’s members as well as the greater ConnectVA community can come together to learn, share, and connect on communicaftion and marketing topics:

  • Participate in cause-related online discussions with your peers from around the community
  • Receive real-time answers on important needs and questions in the field
  • Share news, resources, and upcoming events

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Register on ConnectVA: In order to participate in the Message Board, you must be a registered user on ConnectVA – https://connectva.maxxpotential.org/register
  2. Sign-in on ConnectVA: Your password will be emailed to you upon registration submission. When you next sign-in on ConnectVA, please visit the Message Board – https://connectva.maxxpotential.org/Message-Board
  3. Subscribe to the Message Board: As a signed-in user, click “subscribe” to the Communication & Marketing Message Board (item #7). This will allow you to receive immediate notification to posts from fellow members.

How Can I Use The Message Board?

  • Sign-in on ConnectVA: Only signed-in, registered users can post to the Message Board on ConnectVA.
  • Visit the Message Board page: Click into Communication & Marketing Message Board (item #7).
  • Post a Message: Select to “Post New Thread” and enter a descriptive subject line as well as concise, specific, informational, professional and courteous message. Select “Publish” to post (you can choose to edit or delete your message at any time).
  • Reply to a Message: Click into any post under the Communication & Marketing Message Board and select “Reply” to any thread or existing replies.

** Disclaimer: The responses given are informed opinions and should not be interpreted within the context of the inquirer’s organization and not taken as factual or without exception.

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