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Tip of the Week: Change Your Password and Update Your Profile

Have you logged in successfully and checked out ConnectVA’s new site? On Sunday, April 19th, we launched ConnectVA 2.0, a revamped version of our resource hub. There are some new features we know you’ll be excited about, but first, some housekeeping:

How to Change Your Password:

On Sunday, April 19th everyone registered on ConnectVA was sent a system-generated password for the new site.  The title of the email read, “Login with this password to the new ConnectVA site”.  Check your spam folder or contact us if you didn’t receive one or can’t locate it.

Once you’ve logged in with your new system-generated password, and you’re ready to change it to something secure and easy to remember, here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

While logged in, expand your dashboard (orange button). Then, click on Go to Your Profile:

Change your password on ConnectVA

Click on the Settings tab.

Enter your current password (the one that was in the email sent on 4/19/15), and then enter and repeat your desired new password.  The only requirement for the password is that it is 7 characters in length, however, it’s always recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase and symbols.

Click Save Changes.

Change your password on ConnectVA

You should now be able to successfully log in from the home page with your new password.


NEW FEATURE: Member Directory

We’re excited to launch the new ConnectVA Member Directory, where you can search for colleagues and new partners in the nonprofit and business sectors. By completing your Profile, you’re ensuring that the greater ConnectVA community can connect with you easily.

Have you uploaded your photo and added your social media sites yet? Here’s how to get started:


How to Complete Your User Profile:

First, click on Go To Your Profile and then click Edit:

Edit Your Profile in ConnectVA

You may now add/edit your Name, Phone Number, Title and Primary Organization, Alternative/Social Media Sites (up to three), Street, City, Zip Code, and State. Click on Save Changes. 

Edit your profile on ConnectVA

You may also add a Profile Photo by clicking on Change Profile Photo. Choose a file from your computer, click on Upload Image, and Crop your image.

Edit Your Profile in ConnectVA

You may click on View to preview what your Profile looks like to other Members.

Edit your profile on ConnectVA

Not registered on ConnectVA? Click here to get started!


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