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Tech Tips: 12 Online Fundraising Best Practices

As you may have heard, charitable giving is at an all-time high by individuals, companies and foundations; according to a report last year from Salsa Labs an estimated $335 billion went to charities in 2013, up 3% from 2012.

However, more and more stats are pointing to online giving as the wave of the future.  Even though it accounts for only 7-8% of all giving, it is growing at a steady rate each year.  This is great news for small and medium-sized nonprofits – Stats show that they are experiencing the largest growth from online giving!

Last week, Heather Mansfield, founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good gave an awesome webinar on best practices to improve your online fundraising results.  Here’s a recap of her advice! 

(BONUS: Heather will be the featured presenter at ConnectVA’s Social Media Conference for Nonprofits on 3/19/15. Register for $55-65 before 3/5)

1. Know the Stats

2. Embed the Online Donation Process into Your Website

3. Prominently Feature Your “Donate” Button

4. Optimize Your “Thank You” Process

  • Maximize your Thank You landing page
  • Maximize your  Thank You emails and include
    • your nonprofit’s legal name and address
    • the donation amount
    • your nonprofit’s EIN* for tax purposes
    • your nonprofit’s branding
    • a pitch to follow on social networks
    • a thank you video.

5. Add Giving Impact Statements

6. Launch a Sustainer Program

7. Enable Tribute Giving

  • Enable the ability to for donor’s to make tribute gifts in honor of family member or friend.
  • Using a service like DonationPay enables you to easily have a donate page, a monthly giving page, a tribute giving page, and a gift membership page.
  • Promote your tribute giving program on your website, in your e-mail newsletter, on your blog, and in print materials.

8. Launch a Social Fundraising Campaign

1. Explaining clearly how the fundraising tools work

2. Consistently thanking and featuring top fundraisers throughout the year.

3. Hosting friendly competitions for those who raise the most.

4. Setting realistic fundraising goals that can be achieved, i.e. $2,500 or less.

5. Promoting your social fundraising campaign on your website, blog, e-newsletter, print materials, social networks, etc.

9. Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign

10. Prioritize Year-End Fundraising

  • 30% of all online donations are made in December. 10% of all annual giving happens in the last three days of the year and donations are 80% larger in December.
  • If your nonprofit has the capacity, launch a holiday gift program.
  • Important: Online donors and social good shoppers start their research in September.

11. Build Fundraising Campaigns around Cause Awareness Days & Giving Days

12. Embrace Digital Wallets

Want more tips for online fundraising success?  Join us at the Social Media for Nonprofits Conference and hear from Heather Mansfield, herself!

Social Media for Nonprofits Conference 2015

“Mobile Technology for Social Good”

03.19.15 | 9:30AM-3:00 PM

Community Idea Stations | WCVE, 23 Sesame St, North Chesterfield, VA 23235

featuring Heather Mansfield, Nonprofit Tech for Good

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For the fourth year, ConnectVA presents the only day-long social media conference in the region for nonprofits with hosts WCVE Community Ideas Station.  You will learn the latest trends in mobile technology and social media from field experts and local media personalities through workshops, a panel discussion and two presentations from world-renowned, Heather Mansfield– founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good and author of best-selling books Mobile for Good and Social Media for Good.  

2 thoughts on “Tech Tips: 12 Online Fundraising Best Practices

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