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Tech Roundup: Tie it all Together

This week’s Tech Roundup lassoed what may seem to be disparate topics, but with technology almost everything is linked (pun intended)!

Planning an event? Launching a communications campaign? Fundraising online? Designing a mobile strategy?

All these activities require different technology platforms, tools and applications that work in different ways, but they are also interconnected. Every time your organization interacts with an individual or group, it’s an opportunity to engage and cultivate them for a deeper relationship that strengthens your organization.

For example, getting people to your event is just the first step. What is their experience when they get there? You can use technology, social media and other tools for making it a seamless process, keeping them engaged during the program and building on their attention after the event, whether you want them to attend future events or make a donation.

Communications is a broad term for reaching your audience in a strategic, effective way to either convey information or elicit a certain action to support your cause. How are you reaching them? Almost 50% of Americans own a smartphone and over half of them use their smartphone to access the internet and online applications. Having a mobile strategy is an important part of your overall communications campaign.

Check out the information and resources below on these topics. Also register for ConnectVA?s Tech Club Clinic Series: Developing Tech-Savvy Organizations. This coordinated series will explore technology topics, including technology planning (tomorrow!), websites and SEO, social media and blogging, email marketing and mobile, and online fundraising.

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