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Tech Roundup: Technology and Staff Transitions

You never like to think about what would happen if one of your invaluable staff members were to leave, but it does happen. As an organization you must know how to handle staff transitions, especially if the person who is moving on was greatly involved in the technology side of things or handled a lot of data and online services. The following are some problems associated with staff transitions and how to handle them, thanks to Richard Matson-Daley from TechnologyForChange.

Potential problems with a bad staff transition:

  • Lose access to services or data – Sometimes when a person leaves an orgainzation, they take with them usernames and passwords which leaves the organization with no way to get their fundraising data, email list, or other critical pieces of information or services.
  • Lose momentum on critical activities – Sometimes the problem isn’t accessing the critical tools, but that no one except the person who moved on knows how to use them. The organization then loses valuable time figuring out how to do the tasks that person used to do.
  • Lose track of its technology strategy –  If the organization’s technology strategy only resides in a particular staff person’s mind, it means that most of the organization’s strategic gains leaves with them if they move on. This sendsthe organization back to square one in figuring out how to best leverage their technology to produce results.

How to handle the transition well:

Preparation and planning are an essential part of handling staff transitions well. This includes:

  1. Documenting your technology and technology strategy
  2. Planning how to manage technology while looking for new staff
  3. Planning how to effectvely manage the transition while it is happening
  4. Planning how to get your new staff on board and up to speed as quickly as possible

Where to start:

  • TechnologyForChange has a short PDF for nonprofit organizations handling staff transitions. It’s a good place to start in managing the technology side of the transition.
  • ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenter for more articles and educational resources regarding technology.

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