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Tech Roundup: Quick Tips for Social Media part III


Quick Tips for Social Media blog post series part three (see one and two). 

In case you missed the recent Nonprofit Tech for Good webinar with Heather Mansfield, 10 Social Media Strategies for NGO’s, here are a few quick tips, tools and resources you can use for social media success in ConnectVA’s 3-part blog series:

1) Launch a mobile-compatible website: Mobile will soon surpass desktop Internet traffic worldwide. That means the majority of your donors and supporters will soon view your website on smartphones and tablets. A very affordable website option is WordPress.

2) Launch a responsively designed websiteRead more here.

3) Optimize website images: Choose photos and graphics that look good both on a large and small screen (nothing with too much detail) and make sure that when the image scales down to a small screen resolution, it still has the impact you want.

4) Mobile-optimize your email communications: Email is still the number one source for online donations.

5) Advice for your e-newsletter:

 Use a web-based email service, such as iContact or Constant Contact

 Don’t include more than 3 stories in your e-newsletter

 Send your e-newsletter on Monday morning

  Make font size large enough to be read easily on a small screen

  Include a clear call-to-action with an easy-to-tap button

6) Get to know Mobile Wallets and why they could be the greatest advancement in mobile and online fundraising. Learn more about services like Google Wallet and How Mobile Wallets Will Transform Fundraising.


Want more tips and advice on the latest social media trends?

SAVE THE DATE – on March 19th, 2015 ConnectVA will be hosting our “Social Media Conference for Nonprofits” featuring Heather Mansfield with Nonprofit Tech for Good at WCVE/Community Ideas Station!


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