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Tech Roundup: Funding Technology

Capacity building in technology is an often overlooked area of development in most nonprofit orgranizations. Yet, technology can have a powerful effect on a nonprofit’s mission and its ability to have an impact. How can nonprofits find, fund, and implement the right technology?

A recent article from Idealware by Kyle Andrei and Andre Berry outlines these potential steps you can take:

  • Look for discounts – Are there places you can go to lower the price?just like when buying a car or a TV for your home, you want to find the most affordable option. 
  • Look to local business – Businesses understand the value of technology and need technology the same way that nonprofits do.
  • Seek assistance from major donors – It?s worth thinking critically about the interests of your donors and potential donors?is there a technology project that may strongly appeal to them?
  • Approach your current funders – The foundations and corporations that already have a relationship with your organization will be more likely to fund a capacity building grant to support a technology project.  

Read the full Ideaware article

Also check out Idealware’s A Funder’s Guide to Supporting Nonprofit Technology, outlining 10 specific tactics beyond writing a check that foundations can undertake to support technology.  

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