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Tech Roundup: 3 Tips to Improve Marketing on Twitter

We talk a lot about social media and how valuable it is as a cost-effective marketing tool (which is something we’re always looking for) — however, you may be missing out on some key insights that can increase the amount of people seeing your Twitter content. Listed below are three tips from Belle Cooper, a content crafter at Buffer. These tips will help improve your marketing on Twitter:

1. The Most Common Twitter Mistake

When starting a tweet with a username (e.g. @ConnectVA posted another great blog entry), you are only making that tweet available to that username and anyone who happens to follow both you and in this example ConnectVA. If you want the tweet to reach as many people as possible, consider re-wording the tweet (e.g. Another great blog post is up on @ConnectVA). Another option is to simply add a period at the beginning (.@ConnectVA posted another…). 

2. Follow Everyone Retweeting Your Content

Followers who retweet you or tweet content posted on your site can be exceedingly valuable to tailoring your marketing. If you monitor when your username is being mentioned, you can easily find people who are interested in your content. Once you find them, quickly favorite their tweet or follow them. This increases your interactions and allows you to keep tabs on what content is popular.

3. Schedule Social Media Posts For Just Before or After the Hour

If you want to reach business people like office workers, managers, or marketers, this is a particularly good tip. The reasoning behind this is meeting schedules; people often check Twitter and Facebook after a meeting lets out. If the meeting lets out early, they will most likely check on their way back to their office, and you want to be one of the first ones they see. If the meeting goes a little late, the same rationale still applies.

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