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YNPN RVA Member Highlight July: Cristelle Brown

Name: Cristelle Brown

Previous Position: Senior State Director, Partnerships, Spread the Vote

Why did you join YNPN RVA and when?

I joined YNPN in January 2019 in order to deepen my connection to the nonprofit professional community in RVA.

What is your career background?

I’ve been working as a nonprofit professional for five years. My work has spanned across higher education, large nonprofit associations, as well as small, homegrown organizations serving the Richmond community. I’ve worked primarily in programming, but in my most recent role, I served as the Senior State Director of Partnerships for Spread The Vote, a nationally-operating 501c3, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps individuals obtain government-issued photo identification for the purposes of voting, obtaining employment, securing housing, and so much more.

What are your career goals?

I look forward to one day scaling my own organization, the Cristelle Brown Legacy Foundation, to a full operation that allows me to serve communities of color on a deeper level. I strive to provide our communities with the tools, resources, and experience needed in order for them to live full lives.

Why do you do what you do?

I love providing and/or connecting people to the resources that they need to live out their fullest potential. Everyone deserves to see their dreams come into fruition.

Favorite thing to do in Richmond?

Festival season reminds me why I love living in Richmond. When the weather cooperates, I love heading over to whichever festival is running at the time and kicking back with friends. Enjoying the weather, a cup of beer or wine, great food, and performances by local/national artists.

If you were to take over the YNPN Instagram page for a day, what would you show us?

I’d show the YNPN audience some of my favorite places to collaborate and recharge across RVA.

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