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Tips for Nonprofit Communicators: PR Best Practices with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

By Beth Monroe, Public Relations Director, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Those of us who work for nonprofits know collaboration is important, yet sometimes it?s the most challenging part of our jobs. This can be especially true when you?re doing public relations for a nonprofit. If the nonprofit even has a PR department, it?s usually only…

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Tip of the Week: Communications and Marketing Message Board

Seeking real-time answers to important questions related to communication & marketing? PRSA Richmond has joined forces with ConnectVA to host a specialty forum devoted to marketing and communications. The ConnectVA Communication & Marketing Message Board is a useful and productive tool through which PRSA Richmond's members as well as the greater ConnectVA community can come…

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From an Expert: Tips for Planning Your Next Special Event

In the nonprofit world, there has been a significant increase in the number of special events. As a company that specializes in cause-related marketing, we understand the challenges associated with putting on a special event, and while some will argue that special events are not the best tool for fundraising, we believe there is still…

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Resources You Can Use for Nonprofit Blogging

Is your nonprofit blogging yet? Not only can a blog provide a valuable resource for your community, but it can also help you attract more people to your website. If keeping a blog seems like a daunting task, check out these resources from ConnectVA's Knowledge Center and powered by 4Good to get started! 1. Learn about blogging best practices.…

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