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Spotlighting Technology: Virginia’s Community College System

Virginia Community College System (VCCS) is a finalist for ConnectVA?s Community Innovation Award offered in collaboration with RichTech. Learn how VCCS is using technology to simplify the search for the right community college in Virginia.

How are you implementing technology?

In the interest of supporting college access and success, we developed a mobile application that enables users to easily access the information most often searched on the Virginia Education Wizard website. The app was designed for current and prospective college students, and it simplifies the often overwhelming process of gathering information about occupations and colleges.

Users can access occupation details (supply & demand for numerous occupations in the user?s area, median salary for occupations, and colleges in Virginia offering relevant college programs of study), college details (admission criteria, application closing dates, application & tuition fees, & more) for colleges across the U.S., and a cost calculator to compare the cost of attending Virginia?s community colleges with four-year colleges, demonstrating to the user annual savings and transfer savings. 

How has the implemented technology had an impact?

The percentage of Virginians pursuing and completing a college education is below the national average. This initiative has increased student accessibility and awareness of colleges and universities and their programs of study, thereby improving college access.

Further, this project has increased student accessibility to information on paying for college as well as college transfer agreements, transfer planning, and transfer grants. Such access will place important course, major, and financial planning information in the hands of prospective students thereby enhancing their efforts to select courses, majors, and programs that lead to efficient completion. 


Virginia?s Community Colleges (VCCS), created 45 years ago to address Virginia?s unmet higher education and workforce training needs, seeks to give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop the right skills to strengthen lives and communities. There are 23 community colleges across Virginia serving 279,970 students earning college credits and 78,782 students through workforce training and continuing education courses.

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