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Spotlighting Technology: My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond

Spotlighting Technology series showcases each of the five finalists of ConnectVA’s Community Innovation Award, offered in partnership with RichTech, leading up to theTechnology Awards Gala where the winner will be announced on May 14th. Each of the organizations displayed innovative users of technology to deliver services, advance their mission, or impact our community.

Tell us a little about your organization.

My Brother’s Keeper of Greater Richmond (MBK) is a non-profit organization working with individuals, families, churches, schools, community and governmental agencies to promote manhood and fathering instruction that lead to healthy families. They believe young minds are greatly influenced by the instruction and guidance of their fathers.

How has technology shaped your organization?

When MBK was originally formed in 2009, we primarily recruited through word-of-mouth and postcards, which we placed on cars at ballparks and events. We really had a small vision of just learning to be better men ourselves (eight of us). Once we realized the impact that the curriculum was having on these men, we decided it was time to reach more men, whom we knew would benefit from the authentic manhood curriculum. 

MKB utilizes three interactive websites, three social media pages (Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn), a blog page (WordPress), a monthly newsletter (Manhood Chronicles), a podcast, and email marketing (Mail Chimp) to reach our constituents. These sites are also linked to our websites for maximum delivery of services and community impartation. We are now able to deliver our manhood curriculum digitally providing mobile access 24 hours a day and in any setting.

What is the impact of your technology efforts?

We embraced technology as a tool to enhance our efforts to meet our mission and have found oppotunities to successfully market our services and create greater access for men in need. Our utilization of technology has allowed us to expand our reach and impact.

MBK’s social media presence through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows us to encourage individuals through our postings, blogs, photos, and events on a daily basis. Our “Manhood Chronicles” electronic newsletter spotlights the unsung heroes (Richmond men) by telling their unique stories and encouraging others by these testimonies and is sent out on a monthly basis. Our Facebook page positively impacts around 120 visitors a week, last week that reach expanded to 285 visitors due to the RichTech finalist announcement!

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