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Social Media Stats in Richmond

Social Media Stats in Richmond

It’s easy to find statistics about social media usage on a national, and even global scale – but have you ever wished you knew how Greater Richmond uses social media? Now you can find out! ConnectVA has teamed up with Feedback to create an infographic capturing some interesting Richmond social media stats:

Richmond VA Facebook Stats

Facebook remains a pretty powerful force in Richmond, and these numbers make it clear that there is definitely an audience for your nonprofit’s story.

Twitter stats in Richmond and Hampton Roads

The RVA hashtag has long been believed to carry a lot of weight on Twitter, but surprisingly, there are many more conversations going on that don’t include that hashtag than do. By contrast, Hampton Roads’ #757 on Instagram is popular with local community members.

Message Boards in Richmond

Feedback’s Dean Browell: “Nonprofits need to note what conversations they are appearing in or are important to them, especially on popular message boards. Local message boards such as City-Data and Topix often feature conversations surrounding newcomers to the area and can be an excellent place to talk about volunteering and involvement in local nonprofits.”

Check out the full infographic below:


All data was provided by Feedback. Dean Browell of Feedback and Caroline Browell of Make-A-Wish Virginia will be presenting a breakout session on “Assessing and Aligning Resources in Social” at the upcoming Social Media for Nonprofits Conference, which is just two weeks away. Register now!

Social Media for Nonprofits Conference

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