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Social Media for Nonprofits Conference Close-up: Emily Shane, The Hodges Partnership

On December 5, 2013, ConnectVA 501 Tech Club presents the 2013 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference, hosted by Community Idea Stations | WCVE. The theme is Engaging Your Audience: From Boomers to Millennials (and Beyond) and will feature expertly-led breakout sessions.

Learn about Emily Shane, The Hodges Partnership, social media expert and conference session leader:

Enchanting Your Audience – a discussion on effective content management across various social channels, this session will cover identifying storylines withinyour organization, developing content bins, best practices for creating engaging content and process recommendations for extracting this information — all with the goal of extending organizational missions and raising brand awareness. Register here. 

“Every organization has a story to tell — the trick is capturing that story and developing a process to deliver it to your intended audience, with some cadence, in a fun and interesting way.”

What does engaging a multi-generational audience through social technologies mean to you?

Know your audience and their social preferences. It’s hard to be everything to everyone. By understanding your audience’s usage patterns, you can speak to them in the language and destination of their preference. This allows you to be out there, and repurpose content on each of those platforms, without coming off as redundant or irrelevant. 

3 things people should know about you:

  • My favorite social platform is Facebook.
  • My favorite storytelling tool is pictures.
  • I love concisely written copy.

3 things people should know about The Hodges Partnership:

  • The Hodges Partnership is a PR agency with a focus on media relations and social marketing. 
  • We develop story ideas — to pitch to media — for our clients, which mean we’re uniquely positioned to help organizations share their story socially. 
  • While work is our priority, we have an easy going, fun culture.


Emily graduated from the University of Maryland, where she studied broadcast journalism and history. An eight-year veteran of The Hodges Partnership, Emily’s work with AMF Bowling Centers, Carpenter Co, and Dave & Busters, have allowed her to flex both her traditional and social media marketing muscles. When she’s not whipping clients into shape — she runs a tight ship — Emily and her husband Whit are raisig their two young children in Richmond’s Far West End.

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