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Social Media for Nonprofits Closeup: Dean Browell, Feedback

On March 19, 2015 ConnectVA presents the Social Media for Nonprofits Conference 2015 – “Mobile Technology for Social Good” featuring Heather Mansfield, founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good at WCVE Community Idea Station in Richmond, VA.

Register here for $65-$75 – tickets almost sold out!

During the Conference, 5 social media experts will lead workshops filled with best practices, tips, advice and takeaways to get you up-to-speed on the latest trends for nonprofits.  Learn about Dean Browell, Executive VP of The Feedback Agency, social media expert and conference session leader:

Breakout Session One: Communication Insights from Audience Behavior

This stimulating workshop will help you analyze the connection between your audiences’ online and offline behavior by simply listening to what they’re saying.  Learn about the impact of local/cultural and geographical influences in your communication.  This insight will help you create stronger strategies, more effective tactics, and give you a more valuable perspective on how, “one size fits all” is a dangerous approach to social media.

What are the top 3 things you want people to know about Feedback?

 A market research firm that can help give actionable insights from your target audience behavior

 Based in Richmond, VA

 Very experienced with nonprofits nationally and internationally

What does “mobile technology for social good” mean to you?

Leveraging the concept of computing everywhere / anywhere to help better connect and empower community.

What’s the number 1 way you keep yourself using social media creatively?

Use the channels for what they are good at: Twitter for real time, Facebook for community, forums and message boards for more evergreen.

Register here for $65-$75 – tickets almost sold out!


Dean Browell leads Feedback’s social media charge as Executive Vice President and resident PhD with a passion for how generations interact online. His work can be seen across many industries including tourism, automotive, retail, healthcare, education and more. In 2009 Dean formed social media research firm Feedback with ad industry veteran Jeff Thompson to the benefit of marketing, communications and public relations professionals around the world with research in over 45 different countries.

Follow Dean on Twitter  @dbrowell

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