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Social Media for Nonprofits Closeup: Beth Kanter, Author & Nonprofit Master Trainer

ConnectVA Spotlight Beth Kanter

On May 4th, ConnectVA will present the only day-long social media conference in the region for nonprofits, government and community-based organizations!  You will learn best practices, trends, and need-to-know information to connect your organization with social media to drive change.  The day will feature field experts, panel discussions and a presentation and workshop from internationally-acclaimed Master Trainer, Beth Kanter, author of the “Networked Nonprofit” books.

ConnectVA’s Social Media for Nonprofits Conference 2016

Becoming a Networked Nonprofit, featuring Beth Kanter

05.04.16 | 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM | $75 – $85 until 04.13.16

Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen | 2880 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060

Register here!

Below is a conversation we recently had with Beth Kanter – read on to learn more about her work and her perspective!

What are the Top 3 things you want people to know about you?

  • I am a trainer, author, and speaker working in the nonprofit sector 35 plus years. 25 years ago I had front seat at the creation of a field, how nonprofits can use the Internet for mission driven-work.
  • I’ve trained nonprofits about using the technology strategically — in every continent of the world.  I’m passionate about teaching and learning.
  • I working on my next book, “The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout” which is about self-care for individuals who work for nonprofits, and well-being in the workplace. The book will publish in October. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/happyhealthynpbook

 What do you think the most important social media “skill” is and why?

From a practitioner point of view, I think the most important social media skill is being able to manage your attention online so you don’t go down rabbit holes when engaging with your audience or trying to find content to curate. I also think that setting time aside to do planning and scheduling is essential, as well as time for measuring and reflecting on what works.

 What does it mean to be a “networked nonprofit”?

Networked Nonprofits, as defined in my first book, are agile and transparent organizations that allow insiders to get out and outsiders to get in.  They are experts at using social media to build relationships and engage their audiences and inspire them to take action to help their organizations get results.

Why should attendees come to your workshop?

My workshop is going to be practical for organizations who want to refine or develop a strategic social media presence and need the time to think it through and create some action steps. I’ll share lots of practical tips and also allocate time to answer questions.


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Be Networked, Use Measurement, and Learn:  What Nonprofits Need To Know To Succeed in the Age of Connection

Beth Kanter, author, Beth’s Blog, and co-author of award winning Networked Nonprofit books

Networked Nonprofits and the people who lead them are taking advantage of social media’s ability to facilitate and expand their impact by combining an organizational strategy with their professional online personas to connect, build relationships, and establish trust and thought leadership. This way of operating goes beyond simply using tools like Facebook or Twitter and requires a networked mindset where openness and authenticity are essential. This interactive keynote will explore how your organization can embrace the best practices of a “networked nonprofit,” avoiding some of the pitfalls and challenges.


Becoming A Networked Nonprofit – SMARTer Social Media, Beth Kanter

This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to apply the ideas shared during the keynote. You likely have many questions about how to make best use of social media to advance your work with limited time and resources. What does it take to become a Networked Nonprofit and implement effective Social Media practices?  How do you begin the transformation?

Internationally acclaimed Master Trainer and author, Beth Kanter, will help your organization learn how to implement a successful strategy on a limited budget.  Based on her popular Networked Nonprofit books, this workshop will help you learn how to develop a social media strategy that fits your capacity to implement and gets results.

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