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Resources Your Can Use for Managing Change in Your Nonprofit

Every organization faces challenges. Some are easy to resolve and others require profound organizational change. You can use these resources from IdeaEncore and 4Good (which power ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenterto help ease your nonprofit through organization-wide change. 

  • For any type of change in your organization, big or small, have a plan to make sure that goals are clear and everyone knows their role in the process. Wholonomy Consulting offers The Bubble Sheet – A Flexible Action Planning Tool to guide both individuals and groups. 
  • Read Synthesis Partnership’s article Critical Issues#14: Managing Change for tips on how to bring (and keep) everyone at your organization on board with needed change. For advice on one of the more challenging improvements you can make, read The Bridgespan Group’s Strategies for Changing Your Organization’s Culture.
  • Remember that your nonprofit doesn’t have to navigate alone. You can find helpful advice and guidance from peers who have faced similar situations. Read Capbuilder’s Virtual Learning Cluster Programs for ideas on how to start your own peer support group, locally or worldwide.
  • Implementing organizational change may be most important when it is most difficult. Read Next Level Nonprofit’s 6 Skills for Taking the Stress out of Strategy for advice on how you can overcome resistance to change. 

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