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Resources You Can Use to Turn Your Board Members into Leaders

Here are some suggestions and resources from ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenter, powered by 4Good, to help you turn your board members into leaders:

1. You have to start at the top. For a primer on one of your board’s most crucial members, check out Thriving as Board Chair. And you cannot leave out the executive director. Board Chair & CEO: Helping Each Board Member Success can help these two important people turn all of your board members into a strong, dynamic leaders. 

2. Give your board members the structure they need to lead your organization. The Board Room includes just about everything your board will need for strategic planning, oversight, board development, and more. If you board has everything they need to lead, but still struggle to work together, find effect strategies in Five Tools for More Effective Nonprofit Board Meeetings

3. If your board isn’t a powerful leadership team now, don’t worry, it’s not beyond repair. Find advice on reforming even the most challenging board in Boards from Hell

Have great advice for whipping a board of directors into shape and turning them into a powerful leadership team? Be sure to sign-in and share your comments below.

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