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Resources You Can Use to Jumpstart 2015

As January roles by, take some time to think about how you will make sure 2015 is a successful year for you and your organization!  Here are some tips and resources to get you on track!

1. Have a plan. Whether or not your organization has a long-term strategic plan, you can plan for the year ahead. Take a look at Action Planning: Developing the Tactics for the Strategy to see detailed action plans for significant strategic priorities or initiatives.

2. Analyze your culture. Watch Is Your Organization’s Culture Impeding Growth? to see how to assess your organization’s culture, influence positive cultural change and implement strategies to shift your organization’s culture to better support your mission.

3. Re-invigorate your board. Check out Resources You Can Use to Turn Your Board Members into Leaders and consider sending them to a Building Blocks for Nonprofit Board Members Workshop on 1/24 or 3/26.

4. Try a new fundraising strategy. Consider integrating an earned income program into your nonprofit’s fundraising plan. Read Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start? to learn more about this popular fundraising strategy.

5. Bring new volunteers to your organization. Grow your organization and refresh your current supporters’ enthusiasm with new volunteers. Be sure to post your volunteer needs on HandsOn Greater Richmond and check out ConnectVA’s Volunteer & Board Service page.

6. Invest in yourself and your staff! Make sure all of your employees get the professional development they need so your organization has the human capital crucial for long-term success. Learn about local opportunities in ConnectVA’s Professional and Leadership Development page.

Want more resources to jumpstart 2015?

Check out Resources You Can Use to Get Ready for Your Annual Report

Watch this free webinar: Meeting Evolving Nonprofit Regulations and Standards in 2015 on 1/29

Attend VSCPA’s free Nonprofit Finance Summit in Richmond on 1/29

Stay up-to-date with resources for nonprofit management with the ConnectVA Resource Library and create a free 4Good account to access and share reports, articles, and other publications.

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