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Resources You Can Use: Stand Out as a Leader

5 Tips for Standing out as a Leader

ConnectVA, our partner programs and many of the nonprofit professionals and volunteers we work with understand the importance of strong, positive leadership for an organization and the community. Leaders come in all stripes but emotional intelligence and balancing the demands of people and tasks are critical to accomplishing goals in a productive, sustainable way.

Check out these resources from IdeaEncore, which powers the ConnectVA KnowledgeCenter. As the folks over at 4Good and IdeaEncore describe, ?developing nonprofit leadership skills, and leadership in your co-workers, is key for the longevity and strength your organization and the entire nonprofit community. Get started by following these five tips.?

1. Master working virtually. Your ability to lead needs to reach beyond your office, across many sites and multiple organizations. Let Guided Insights show you how to lead everywhere in 101 Essential Tips for Leading Amazingly Productive Virtual Teams.

2. Know how to raise money. Learn the important roles the executive director and board members play in fundraising with 4Good and Susan Black of Allene Fundraising in a free webinar, Key Leadership Factors for Fundraising Success, next Wednesday, November 6th at 3:00 pm.

3. Start a leadership development program.  Read What Makes for an Effective Nonprofit Leadership Development Program?, from The Bridgespan Group, for advice based on the experience of The Neighborhood Builders program. If you can’t start a program at your organization, apply to one of the fellowships in Trista Harris’ Foundation and Nonprofit Fellowships ($15) guide.

4. Ask how you’re doing. The Executive Director Performance Review Process Toolkit, from Vantage Point, includes forms for board members, staff, community stakeholders and more.

5. Keep learning and make sure to share what you’ve learned. Send articles like Launching Lives’ 7 Secrets to Standing Taller in Your Leadership Role to emerging leaders in your organization. You can even help up-and-coming leaders across the nonprofit community by sharing your own advice, experience and strategies on IdeaEncore.

Have you participated in a leadership development program like Nonprofit Learning Point?s Emerging Nonprofit Leaders? Have you taken a Southside Community Partners Learning & Leadership class? 

How do you define leadership? Which leaders do you admire?

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