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Resources You can Use: Grant Success and Management

This week?s 4Good/IdeaEncore (which power the ConnectVA KnowledgeCenter) resources are all about writing successful grant proposals and managing donors using software.

Collaborating with Partners on Joint Grants: Do?s And Don?ts (free recorded webinar)

On Today?s Menu: Your Successful Grant Proposal (free webinar on October 23 at 3:00pm)

Top 20 Items For A Successful Grant (Mission Possible Nonprofit Solutions)

A list of 20 items needed for a successful grant from the FUNDER’S perspective. Not rocket science, just years of experience hearing program officers complain about what was NOT in a grant that they wanted to see.

Reviewing the Proposal (Linda Lysakowski, LLC)

The Four Step Review Process within your organization.

20 Tips Every Strategic Grantseeker Should Know (Internaut & Associates, Inc.)

Written for every grant seeker wanting to do a better job translating their passion into successful grants. It explores the key issues from a grant maker’s perspective, providing grant seekers insight into the dynamics of the donor decision making process. Expect a few “A-Ha” moments as you accumulate insight into donor behavior.

The next two resources focus on donor management technology tools:

Hosting Your Nonprofit Donor CRM System in the Cloud (DonorFuse)

There is a revolution occurring in the fundraising sector ? a silent yet rapidly approaching shift in how nonprofits raise their revenue, engage their donors, and manage their data. The old way of accessing and interacting with data via a system housed on your own is becoming costly ? not just in overseeing a server based solution but in the revenue on which your organization will miss out. The revolution will be in the ?cloud? and this whitepaper will assist your organization in making sure you are…

All About Database and Records Management (Linda Lysakowski, LLC)

It is important to have the structure of the development office in place before beginning a capital campaign. This is the foundation for any fundraising/development program.

Do you have any grantwriting tips to share? Which donor CRM software and applications do you use?

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