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Resources You Can Use for Year End Campaigns

As the Holidays, December and 2015 quickly arrive, we wanted to share a few reminders and tips for preparing for end of the year campaigns!

In our October Blog Post we talked about the importance of Year-End Fundraising, which is crucial to your organization?s success.

Just remember that:

Organizations can raise as much as 40% of their individual donations in the month of December

 Data shows more dollars are donated online in the last five days of December than in the other three weeks combined

 85% of organizations raise more money by sending more than one email

Here are some more resources to ensure you are prepared for your campaign:

   6 Email Marketing Tips for the Holidays

   A Brilliant Holiday Fundraising Letter that Generated 875% ROI

   Affordable and Effective: Facebook Ads for Year-End Campaigns and More

    3 Storytelling Strategies for Year-End Appeals

   Webinar: One Stop Shop for Everything Year End

What is your organization doing to get ready for the year-end campaign?  Be sure to sign-in and comment below!

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