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Resources You Can Use for Successful Grants

The grant writing process can be challenging. With these tips and resources from ConnectVA’s Knowledge Center, powered by 4Good, you can ensure sure your next grant applications will be successful.

Check out these four strategies for successful grants:

1. Have a check list and use it. Don’t miss out on a grant because you missed a step in the application process. Try Successful Grant Writing – A Check List or Sample Grant Proposal Format.

2. Keep your funder’s perspective in mind. For insight into how a grantmaker will be reviewing your proposal, check out 25 Tips for Evaluating (and Writing) Successful Technology Proposals.

3. Hone your writing skills. Even if you’re not trying to win the Pulitzer prize, Writing to Make a Difference offers advice for engaging and polished writing. For more advice, check out Grantwriters as Strategic Leaders: Your Crucial Role

4. Learn from your mistakes. Review a declined grant to see where you can improve and be sure to use Ten Most Common Reasons Grants Are Deliced as a guide.  

Do you have advice or strategies to share on successful grant writing? Be sure to sign-in on ConnectVA to comment below with your tips and suggestions!

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