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Resources You Can Use for Nonprofit Blogging

Is your nonprofit blogging yet? Not only can a blog provide a valuable resource for your community, but it can also help you attract more people to your website. If keeping a blog seems like a daunting task, check out these resources from ConnectVA’s Knowledge Center and powered by 4Good to get started!

1. Learn about blogging best practices. Read Blogging 101 for actionable tips that you can use today. Take some time to check out a few comprehensive articles from the Nonprofit Blogging Resource Guide. Still on the fence? Read Nonprofit Blogging Best Practices: Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Blog and How to Create One

2. Plan for your blog. Don’t leave your topics up to chance. Read how to Plan Your Editorial Calendar for tips on scheduling posts for your blog. Also be sure to check out Keys to Successful Nonprofit Blogging that Drives Engagement

3. Remember that one of the benefits of blogging is interacting. Therefore experts suggest commenting on other blogs to build relationships and attract readers to your own blog. Get more advice from Samples of Charity Blogging Gold

4. A blog is just one strategy for a successful website. For more strategies, don’t miss the free webinar 10 Things Your Nonprofit Needs in 2014 on July 8th at 3:00pm. 

What website or blogging advice do you have for other nonprofits? Be sure to sign-in on ConnectVA to comment below with your tips and suggestions!

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