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Resources You Can Use for Great Nonprofit Marketing

Check out these tips for great nonprofit marketing:

1. Have a strategy before you start. For everything that you need to consider when developing marketing materials, read Numa Communications’ easy-to-use Nonprofit Publications That Get Results.

2. Consider your audience. Make sure you are reaching and appealing to the people you want to attract. For advice on marketing to different generations, join us for ConnectVA’s 2013 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference – Engaging Your Audience: From Boomers to Millennials and Beyond on December 5th. 

3. Brush up on your writing skills. Get exercises and examples geared specifically towards nonprofits in Writing to Make a Difference from Writing for Community Success. 

4. Give images and graphics a prime spot in your strategy. Read How to Use Inforgraphics to Sell Your Cause for a few tips on one compelling way to visualize data. 

5. Make sure your materials and publications look professional. Check out NewCitizen Books’ Get Read: A Guide to Creating Reader-Friendly Publications for advice for all budget sizes and design experience. 

Find these resources and more in ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenter, powered by IdeaEncore and 4Good.

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