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Resources You Can Use for a Powerful Mission Statement

Your nonprofit’s mission statement drives and defines your organization. It should act as the motivation for staff, leadership and all of your supporters. Not exactly sure what a mission statement is? Read Montana Nonprofit Association’s short article Q&A – Vision, Mission, and Values Defined. You can then take these three statements to the next level by tying them together with the exercises in BoardsThatExcel’s Vision, Mission, and Values Statements

Your mission statement can sometimes be tricky to write. It needs to be concise, but thorough. It needs to be specific and unique to you, but general enough to allow your organization to grow. Whether you’re an established organization that needs to revise your mission statement, or new organization writing one for the first time, tune in for What’s a Mission Statement Worth? on November 13. You can also read On a Mission and Mission Possible: Improving Your Organization’s Mission Statement for a few tips on refining your mission statement. 

How do you know if your organization is fulfilling its mission? First, you need to use the tools above to make sure you have a great mission statement that includes all the right elements. Then, you can use an organization assessment, like Nonprofit Management Services’ The One Hour Organizational Assessment, to determine if your organization is on the right track. 

Find these resources and more in ConnectVA’s KnowledgeCenter, powered by IdeaEncore and 4Good.

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