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Leadership Quest

Program Description

Each year LMR recruits a diverse
group of 60+ individuals  to participate in our region’s community leadership development program, Leadership Quest. During this 10-month program, participants are given tools that are essential for regional leaders, such as polarity management and cultural communications. In  addition, members of the class meet with
experts and decision-makers who shape issues critical to our community.   Topics include workforce development; transportation;
education; housing and our regional identity. Understanding community issues’ goals, measures and processes are often seen as ambiguous due to so many stakeholders.  Participants meet the challenge of ambiguity by immersing themselves in a
regional issue of their choice. They gain in-depth understanding of a regional
issue. They also have the opportunity to
recommend solutions, which they may share and/or become engaged in.  

Primary Population Served


Success Stories

Outcomes:100% percent of the Class of 2017 indicated that the program met or exceeded their expectations.   On the 10 primary community issues and community leadership skills presented throughout the year, the Class of 2017 averaged knowledge gains of 54%. Class of 2018 outcomes will be available in late summer 2018. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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