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Online Fundraising Success: Sportable’s Peer to Peer Online Fundraising Story

Hunter Leemon describes what went into Sportable’s “Army of Orange” Peer to Peer online fundraising campaign that raised over $69,000 last year!


Hello, I’m Hunter Leemon, and I’m the Executive Director of Sportable. Our organization’s purpose is to transform the lives of people with physical and visual disabilities through sport. We provide programming for youth and adults – in cycling, wheelchair basketball, road racing, swimming, rowing, much more. Financial support from our donors often go toward adaptive equipment for our athletes, sporting events, sport programs and keeping our membership fees affordable.

When I came on board two years ago, I quickly realized that we had a volunteer problem – we had way more people wanting to help out with our work than our programming had capacity for. So, working with core volunteers, board members and peers to figure out how we could turn this into a great opportunity for a different type of engagement through Peer to Peer Fundraising, our “Army of Orange” campaign was born.

Last year, we had a goal of raising $50,000 and we raised just over $69,000. This year we have a goal of raising $100K and had over $40K committed before the campaign officially kicked off.

The “Army of Orange” is made up of our supporters who’ve committed to fighting for our cause, advocating for our athletes, and using their peer networks to raise money on our behalf. They participate in races, host parties and celebrations, hold contests and encourage others to get involved in Sportable by donating through the online platform “Crowdrise”. Through friendly competition, fun and sports we’ve entrusted and empowered our volunteers and supporters to assist us in creative and meaningful ways that allow us to fulfill our mission.


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