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Nonprofit Tech Roundup: Technology Planning!

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Everyone knows a nonprofit organization should have a strategic plan. But what about a technology plan? Just as a strategic plan helps you set forth objectives and tactics for meeting your organization’s goals, a technology plan assesses your current situation, identifies present and future needs, and provides a clear roadmap for how your organization will attain and utilize technology to help meet your mission.

With the rapid pace of technology impacting almost every aspect of our work and personal lives, having a flexible technology plan is crucial to achieving your organization’s strategic goals. A good technology plan should integrate with the overall strategic plan – supporting critical functions across the organization, not just information technology. 

Feeling overwhelmed? We know nonprofit professionals are already busy wearing many hats. The ConnectVA 501 Tech Club is here to help! Attend the kick-off to our Nonprofit Technology Series: Developing Tech-Savvy Organizations with the first clinic on Power Planning: Tools for Effective Tech Planning with Kim Mahan. The clinic is on Friday, May 31 from 8:30am – 11:30pm at the Community Idea Stations | WCVE, 23 Sesame Street, North Chesterfield, VA 23235. Register today!

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