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Nonprofit Advocacy Spotlight: Justin Doyle, James River Association

The James River Association’s (JRA) mission is to be the guardian of the James River, providing a voice for the river and taking action to promote conservation and responsible stewardship for its natural resources. JRA monitors the river, responds to problems, seeks policy changes, and implements on-the-ground projects to restore the river’s health. They protect the River through Watershed Restoration, James Riverkeeper, and River Advocacy programs.  They also help communities benefit from the river by increasing river access, supporting river-related events, and implementing volunteer projects.

As the James River Association’s Community Conservation Manager, Justin Doyle promotes conservation and responsible stewardship of the James River and its natural resources across the watershed through a variety of programs and projects.  Justin champions the expansion of recreational access to the James River and its tributaries. His advocacy work typically occurs at the local government level, working with other organizations and local governments to provide a voice for the River on important policy issues.  He also manages the James River Association ‘s Community Conservation Program.

Justin believes that other local nonprofit organizations should get involved in advocacy to build public awareness of an issue and influence decision-making.  He says that, “the rewards of advocacy work are building awareness of and support for a specific issue or cause. Successful advocacy efforts yield desired policy changes.”


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Want to learn more about Justin’s work and how local nonprofits can get involved in advocacy?  Join us the Community Foundation at our “Kickoff Panel Session”, where Justin will be one of several panelists that will share more about this important topic:

What is Advocacy? Learning Session and Panel

February 28, 2019

9:00 am to 11:00 am

The Community Foundation

3409 Moore St.

Richmond, VA 23230

Free – Registration Required

What is nonprofit advocacy? Whether you know the answer, think you know, or have no idea – this free panel session is for you! From educating the public to lobbying on Capitol Hill, advocacy plays a vital role in the nonprofit sector.

Come learn more about this topic and related legal, social, and practical guidelines and impact as we “kick off” our advocacy convening and learning for the year.


Facilitator: Claire Gastanaga, Executive Director, ACLU Virginia

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