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News from the Community: Toolbank Opening Doors for Nonprofits

The Richmond Community ToolBank is opening its doors on January 19th in the greater Richmond area with a goal to end tool scarcity for Richmond?s non-profit community. 

Community service projects deploy thousands of Richmond area volunteers each year. Often, these projects involve the creation, restoration, and repair of structures, or working with land, in order to revitalize communities. In many instances, volunteers have been asked to bring their own tools to these projects, or charitable organizations have been stretched to find resources to purchase tools. If tools are purchased, then storage and maintenance of these tools can become an additional burden. 

The Richmond Community ToolBank will alter the way these projects are completed, making charitable organizations more effective in completing their own missions, and increasing the capacity and impact of their work.  ToolBank?swarehouse shelves are stocked with a variety of tools (shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, ladders, etc.) that are loaned to charitable organizations to increase the impact of their mission-related efforts in the community. 

The ToolBank loans tools for 3 cents on the dollar!  Instead of a non-profit spending $1,000 to purchase tools from a local hardware store, the ToolBank will loan them the same tools for $30 for a week, which empowers the borrowing organization to think bigger and to be a great steward of their resources.   

For more information check out the ToolBank?s profile on ConnectVA!

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