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Learning Resources: Webinars on ConnectVA Community Calendar

Webinars on ConnectVA

Though there is tremendous value in attending an in-person class or conference, we know that as a busy, strapped for cash nonprofit professional, you may not always have the opportunity to. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to share free and low-cost webinars in our weekly update e-newsletter, and now, on our Community Calendar! Here are all the webinars coming up in April alone!






ConnectVA will be posting new webinars on an ongoing basis. You can find all of the webinars, including those posted by our member organizations, by visiting the Community Calendar and filtering by Type of Event. If there is a free or low cost webinar you think we should know about, contact us!


Note: ConnectVA does not own or benefit from the webinars produced and organized by other entities. ConnectVA amplifies webinars and other learning events for site visitors and ConnectVA members.

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