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Innovation In the Business of Nonprofit Sustainability Close-up: Carol Weisman

On April 22, 2014, ConnectVA is hosting Innovation in the Business of Nonprofit Sustainability in collaboration with Organizational Solutions and Southside Community Partners. The event is generously sponsored by Flashpoint Fund

The full-day event will feature internationally known speaker, author, trainer, and consultant Carol Weisman. Carol will provide participants with an overview of the current landscape of emerging trends around nonprofit sustainability as it relates to board governance and fund development in “What’s New? Integrated Strategies & Trends in Nonprofit Sustainability”. 

Learn more and register here.

What does “innovation in the business of nonprofit sustainability” mean to you?
Innovation is about the long march and a disciplined process. However, it helps to not be risk averse and have diversified revenue streams.
3 things people should know about you:
  • I’ve written nine books – and have begun my 10th on choosing a fundraising strategy. 
  • I’ve served on 38 boards.
  • I’ve done stand-up comedy!
3 things people should know about your business:
  • In addition to writing, I conduct over 40 keynote presentations and 50 retreats a year – so I keep  busy!
  • I specialize in fundraising, governance, and volunteerism.
  • I adore the work and my clients. 


Carol Weiseman has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. She currently serves on the faculty of Everyone Ready and is a past faculty member of the Learning Institute for Nonprofit Organizations. Carol works closely with The Chronicle of Philanthropy doing a blog on fundraising, webinars, and an advice column. She won a Telly Award for her PBS special “Building a Board with a Passion for Mission” and is still trying to figure out how to mount her award on her car. 

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