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Infographic: Find Your Next Job With LinkedIn

Infographic from Resume Hacking - How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn

Not long ago, we provided some tips for nonprofits on how to use LinkedIn, but you may be wondering – where can I find a quick guide on how to use LinkedIn for job hunting? Resume Hacking, a resume-writing e-book series, gave us permission to republish their infographic on how to Find your next job with LinkedIn.

Some highlights:

  • Recruiters ARE searching for you online, and 76% use LinkedIn!

Resume Hacking LinkedIn

  • They aren’t just searching for you either – 43% ask their colleagues and connections about you on LinkedIn, and it’s a gold mine of opportunity – only 22% are using LinkedIn to reach out to people about opportunities.

Resume Hacking LinkedIn

  • There are lots of opportunities to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and grow your network – by posting your own original content and sharing media you find interesting with others.
  •  A professional photo, engaging headline, and rich summary are keys to a great LinkedIn profile.

Resume Hacking LinkedIn

  • Get discovered by recruiters by staying active (not just when you need a job), having a keyword rich profile, and joining a lot of groups.

LinkedIn screenshot 4

  • One good way to approach job hunting on LinkedIn: 1) find a job ad, 2) research the company on LinkedIn, 3) Look for the person supervising the position, 4) reach out!
  • Another good way to approach job hunting on LinkedIn: 1) Make a list of companies you’re interested in, 2) research said companies on LinkedIn, 3) See if you’re connected to anyone there, 4) Ask for a brief call or coffee

Resume Hacking LinkedIn

“When you’re looking for a job, networking is about building trust with people of influence in your niche. LinkedIn is a great tool to do that. (…) But trust takes time! Don’t expect results within two weeks. Learn to use LinkedIn by making it part of your routine.”

To view the complete infographic, click on the image below:



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