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Giving Smart: What Does the Super Bowl Have to do with Nonprofits?

With the Super Bowl coming up in just a few days, we started thinking about how two very different teams can get to that point. Both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos have reached the pinnacle of their season, and yet their formula for success has been quite different. It is a match-up of the best defense in the league against the best offense. Its Richmond native and up-and-comer Russell Wilson against Hall of Fame-bound Peyton Manning. 

So what does this have to with local nonprofits? Consider this: of the 600 organizations featured on GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA, 22 were founded over 100 years ago while 140 were founded within the last 10 years. While some may question the sheer number of organizations serving our community, we may also consider ourselves fortunate to have such diversity. Many of our older institutions are entrenched in the region’s history and culture, which has built trust among residents. On the other hand, newer organizations emerge to serve an underserved neighborhood, to meet an unfilled gap in service or to offer a new approach to an old problem. Don’t both have the potential to enhance our quality of life?

At the heart of the matter is whether an organization is effective in the pursuit of its mission. How do we know? Just as championship teams are led by strong coaches and owners, nonprofits are led by knowledgeable, responsible, and dedicated boards and staff. On GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA, you can learn about the qualifications of a nonprofit’s staff leaders in the Management section, or the make-up, demographics, and attendance records of its board under Governance. Effective organizations also build the financial and capital resources that are necessary to support their mission (see Financials) and they measure themselves against short- and long-term goals to track their own progress (see Programs). 

If you have not taken advantage of GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA as a knowledgeable resource, we encourage you to do so. This free website provides in-depth information about hundreds of organizations serving the region, including Southside Virginia and the Northern Neck. If you are involved as a donor or volunteer, GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA will give you the confidence to make informed giving decisions and, at the same time, introduce you to new organizations that match your interests. And if you’re Russell Wilson, it’s a great opportunity to stay connected to your home community!

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GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA is a program of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia (TCF). As strategic partners with ConnectVA, TCF and GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsdeVA encourage smart giving by identifying trends and success stories in local philanthropy through their Giving Smart blog series. If you have ideas about topics you would like to have covered, please comment below!

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