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Giving Smart: Giving Cards – A Gift Paid Forward

This holiday season, you may want to consider a gift that keeps giving.  A Giving Card provides an opportunity for inspiration.  The recipient will designate a charity of their choice and your gift will go on to support the work of the charity and the people they serve.  Your gift has made a difference three-fold.

How Does it work?

The GiveRichmond Giving Card is tax-deductible gift that will benefit a local nonprofit serving our region.  The giver can choose a giving card on The Community Foundation?s website.  They are available in denominations ranging from $25 – $500. 

When a person receives a Giving Card as a gift, they can visit GiveRichmond to choose a charity.  With in-depth portraits of over 600 local nonprofits, everyone will find an organization making a difference in areas they care about.

A Perfect Gift

An introduction to talk about your involvement with a nonprofit and the work that they do.  While the recipient will have the opportunity to choose where the donation goes, this is a way to bring philanthropy and volunteerism into a conversation.

 To introduce children to philanthropy, the nonprofit sector and the role it plays in our community. Read more with 10 Tips to Help Teach Philanthropy to Your Child

 A meaningful gift for employees or clients that demonstrates a commitment to the community. 

 For the person you don?t know what to buy.  It is a thoughtful hostess gift, stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift!

?Tis the Season

It is the giving season, which brings with it some incredible stories of charity.  Unfortunately, it is also the time of year we hear most about fraudulent charitable activities.  When you give a Giving Card, you know that the charity chosen will be a legitimate charity that has been vetted by The Community Foundation and is IRS-compliant.  You also know that your tax-deductible gift will stay here, in our community benefitting our residents.

GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsideVA is a program of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia (TCF). As strategic partners with ConnectVA, TCF and GiveRichmond/GiveSouthsdeVA encourage smart giving by identifying trends and success stories in local philanthropy through their Giving Smart blog series. If you have ideas about topics you would like to have covered, please comment below!

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