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Event Recap: YNPN RVA Nonprofit Undercover @ VMFA

Yesterday YNPN RVA teamed up with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to host the next installment in the YNPN RVA Nonprofit Undercover series.

Celeste Fetta and Darrian Mack with the VMFA led an exclusive and intimate tour through the galleries and highlighted three works of art. Celeste explained the history of each piece and asked how the concepts behind the art can relate to nonprofit management issues in our own workplace. In fact, you can read about one breakout group?s interpretation of Allegory of Marital Fidelity, a 17th century Dutch painting by Jan Miense Molenaer, on the VMFA Education Tumblr. While we took a lighthearted pop culture approach to this painting, the exercise was a useful lesson in the importance of identifying and engaging your audience for compelling and effective storytelling. How do you communicate your mission to those you are most trying to reach?

The program concluded with an open dialogue and feedback session about how the VMFA can continue to engage and develop a diverse audience. The ideas and tips from our group of young professionals could be applied to many nonprofit organizations. We continued the conversation during a fun networking social at Best Ca. YNPN RVA is grateful to the VMFA for the opportunity to not only learn from the art but also help the museum in its efforts. The event was a great example of learning, sharing and connecting!

Check out photos from YNPN RVA Nonprofit Undercover @ VFMA and like us on Facebook. YNPN RVA is an initative of ConnectVA. 

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