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Event Recap: Technology Trends for 2014

ConnectVA hosted another fantastic 501 Tech Club Clinic where Sarah Milston, of The Spark Mill, outlined what nonprofits must be doing, should be doing, and could be doing in 2014 with technology — offering participants ready-made templates, guides, and resources for emerging trends and new strategies.

Being strategic when planning what technology you will use and how you will engage your audience is critical, and often overlooked by many nonprofits.  If you aren?t creating content on a regular basis and speaking on behalf of your nonprofit, especially through social media, others will ? just Google yourself, you might be surprised!

Things you MUST do in 2014:

  • Blogging
  • Visuals
  • Video
  • Storytelling
  • Crisis Communication

Things you SHOULD do in 2014:

  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Google +
  • Measurement
  • Return on Investment
  • Instagram
  • Ambassador Creation

Things you COULD do in 2014:

  • Selfies for Good
  • Infographics

Sarah?s insight was incredibly helpful to all, including the ConnectVA staff, who now understand the importance of having a Google+ page to increase Search Engine Optimization (find us on Google+ now)!  You can find more great resources on Sarah?s pinterest page, which is full of infographics and tips!

Thanks to Sarah and the University of RichmondDowntown for hosting our Tech Club linic!

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