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Event Recap: Great Nonprofit Bosses

The Young Nonprofits Professional Network RVA (YNPN RVA) believes that a great boss or supervisor supports, inspires and pushes others towards excellence; is an effective communicator, passionate, intuitive and resourceful; and finally, is truly committed to developing the careers of the people they supervise.

Over the past several weeks, YNPN RVA sent out a call to young nonprofit professionals all over Greater Richmond to nominate their boss or supervisor to be recognized as a part of our largest event of the year, Great Nonprofit Bosses Celebration that was held on November 1st at the Hippodrome Speakeasy. There was an incredible turnout from the community as we recognized and celebrated 26 outstanding nonprofit bosses serving our sector. (See the full list here).

Our four panelists: Robert Bolling (Childsavers), Chris Hariston-White (Better Housing Coalition), Myra Goodman Smith (Leadership Metro Richmond) and Megan Hodges (NAMI Virginia) shared about their career experiences and offered wisdom about leading effectively in the nonprofit world. Resounding themes from the conversation included: open and intentional communication with coworkers, remaining open to new ideas, embracing mistakes as learning opportunities, and finding your passion – and going after it.

“My greatest takeaway from the event is that great bosses self-identify only as great as their team and employees,” said YNPN co-chair Laura Pilati. “I heard a lot of implicit respect and admiration of their team members. You can tell they have focused on creating environments in which everyone has an important role to play and has the latitude to help shape the organization alongside others. To put it plainly, their teams sound like positive, fun places to work!”

Tiffany Patton, YNPN co-chair, added, “I thought it was important to realize that great bosses start from humble beginnings. Each panelist explained how they learned from their experiences, whether gleaning from their mentors or taking notes on what to avoid from poor leaders they encountered.”

Enjoy some snapshots from the event (complements of Kim Lee Photography), and if you attended, feel free to share your greatest takeaway in the comments – we’d love to hear!

Congratulations to all 2017 Great Nonprofit Bosses!

YNPN RVA is a great place for young professionals to sharpen or develop new skills and a way to connect, learn and lead. Interested in learning more? Get the membership details at connectva.org/ynpn-rva/

We also encourage you to join us this Wednesday, Nov. 8 at Postbellum for a YNPN Leadership and Recruitment social. Visit our facebook event for the details and RSVP link.

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