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Event Recap: Blogging with a Purpose

Yesterday Charleen McManus of InBound Central led this month?s ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Clinic on Blogging with a Purpose: Creating a Blog that Supports Your Nonprofit?s Mission. Charleen kicked off the clinic with powerful facts and figures demonstrating the benefits of blogging for increasing your website?s traffic and helping raise awareness, building credibility and engaging your base.

ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Clinic: Blogging with a Purpose

Charleen says the three key components of a blog are:

1. Personas

Knowing your audience: Gather demographic information and know how your audience wants to get involved, how they?re motivated and what their interests are. Then create and blog as a ?persona? that makes the most sense and has the most appeal for your audience!

2. Content

Writing for man and machine: Blogs by definition live online. You have to keep in mind that no one (man) will read your blog if they can?t find it. The search engines (machine) use certain formulas and techniques to rank results when someone types keywords into the search bar. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices apply to blogs just as to any website. Your blog?s text should be easy to scan quickly by human eyes, so be sure to check out good examples of the ?anatomy? of a blog post. Writing with both humans and the search engine crawlers in mind is key to blogging success.

3. Getting Organized

Planning for success: Speaking of success, just like with social media, you have to plan ahead if you want to stay on top of blogging. Developing an editorial calendar helps guide your blog?s content and makes generating topic ideas easier. Once you start posting, create a review process, consider outsourcing to a writer, encourage engagement (but be sure to monitor comments) and spread the joy!

How do you promote your blog? Charleen recommends the following:

  1. Include the link everywhere you can think of
  2. Newsletters and email campaigns
  3. Press release
  4. Guest authors
  5. Social (media)

So now your blog is off the ground and you want to find out how you?re doing. According to Charleen, here are the top 5 things to measure:

  1. Visitors
  2. Inbound links
  3. Popular topics
  4. Social shares
  5. Bounce rate

Did you notice that one of the best ways to promote your blog is to include links to it in your newsletters and email campaigns? Then don?t miss next month?s ConnectVA 501 Tech Club Clinic on The Power of Email Marketing with Constant Contact.

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