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Effective Communication at Your Nonprofit and Learning About Your Style

We caught up with George Milton, Principal of Targeted Performance Group, to learn more about the course he’s instructing at the Community Foundation later this month.  George is leading “What’s My Communication Style?” – a day-long nonprofit management training where participants will undergo a personal communication style assessment and then dive-deep into related topics like, delivering a message, conflicts, written communication and more and is a “is a powerful centerpiece for management development and interpersonal skills training.”
Here’s some insight he gave us on the course, effectively communicating at your nonprofit and learning more about your personal communication style:

Why is it important to know and understand what your communication style is?

Effective communication is the very lifeblood of any organization. If communication is not clear and persuasive between managers and employees, and employees and customers, then other vital goals are forever out of reach.  Say goodbye to your aspirations for successful leadership, teamwork, customer service, or even the ability to execute a coherent business strategy.

 Tell us a little bit about each communication style in the assessment.

If you want to bring about meaningful improvements in communication skills, the best way to begin is to build a better understanding of personal communication styles and their effects on other people. What’s My Communication Style? is a training assessment that identifies an individual’s dominant communication style – Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic – and the communication behaviors that distinguish it.

What generally surprises someone when learning more about their communication style?

Participants are generally not ‘surprised’ to learn of their style –  but appreciate now being able to name their style.  They are typically more ‘surprised’ at how quickly they can pick up on the communication style of others and then leverage this new knowledge to build relationships and accomplish goals.

Why should someone take this course?

A nonprofit professional should take this course If they have any challenges around communication, especially in the workplace, want to learn more about understanding others and being understood, want to learn best practices for gaining consensus, etc.

Register for What’s My Communication Style? on March 28th from 9am to 4pm at the Community Foundation by signing in and visiting the “Learning Center” on ConnectVA!

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