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How to Manage Your Organization Profile


Getting Started

If you’ve successfully registered as an administrator of your organization and signed in, begin by expanding your Dashboard, and click on Manage Organization:


You will see your Organization(s) listed and you may click on the Organization’s name to begin editing details, job postings, etc.


You should see a tab shaded in orange called Manage, where you will be able to edit Organization content such as posted Jobs, Items, Aunt Bertha, Programs, etc.


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Change/Manage Details

In the first tab, Details, you may edit your Organization Name, Organization Description, Website, Phone, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Primary Contact Name, Primary Contact Position, Classification, Locality and links to your Alternative/Social Media Sites (up to three), HandsOn Greater Richmond Profile, and GiveRichmond Portrait.

Note: Organization Description is the overview that will appear when ConnectVA users search for your Organization in the Organization Directory:


You may also select to notify other Organization Members of the changes you have made. When finished making changes, click on Save Changes. You will see a notification in blue that will confirm that your changes have been saved:


To view what your new Organization Details look like to Members and in the Organization Directory, click on the Information tab:


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Change Settings

In the second tab, Settings, you may edit your Organization’s Privacy Options (who may join your organization as an Member/Administrator) and Organization Invitations (who can invite others to join the Organization as a Member/Administrator). Read over your Organization’s Privacy Options, make your selection, and click on Save Changes:


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Add/Change Logo

In the Logo tab, you may update or add your Organization’s logo. To add, simply choose your photo file and upload the image. To remove an old image, click on Delete Organization Profile Photo.


Crop to add your new logo.


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Manage Members

In the Members tab, you can view your current Administrators/Members. All Members have rights to manage your organization listing, post jobs, events, etc. You are encouraged to have multiple member-administrators.


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Membership Requests

New and Current users can request Membership to your Organization. To view pending Membership Requests, click on the Requests tab.  Multiple Members/Administrators can Manage an Organization.


You have the option to Accept or Reject a membership request.

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Aunt Bertha 

ConnectVA’s Basic Needs Directory, powered by Aunt Bertha, makes human services program information more accessible to those in need in order to help more people reach self-sufficiency.

Local human services organizations can easily share and communicate their programs through this easy-to-use platform for listing services. Local service providers are encouraged to enter their information and maintain their data in this directory.

To enter direct-service programs into the Aunt Bertha Directory you must:
– Provide services in the US
– Services are free or reduced cost
– Have permissions from Aunt Bertha (the National organization)

How to get started:
1) Send an email to support@auntbertha.com and request an invitation to add programs (be sure to provide your email address!). You will work directly with Aunt Bertha’s Support Team to get your listing.
2) Link your listing in Aunt Bertha to your Organization profile on ConnectVA, instructions below.

How to add your Aunt Bertha ID to your ConnectVA Organization profile:

  • First, visit your Aunt Bertha organization profile page, and copy the series of numbers at the end of the URL (link), as shown below. This is your Aunt Bertha ID.

Add your Aunt Bertha ID to your ConnectVA organization profile

Note: Your organization’s Aunt Bertha profile should be listing all of the services you’ve added to Aunt Bertha. Use this ID to ensure that all of your Aunt Bertha services show up correctly on your ConnectVA profile.

  • Log in to ConnectVA. From your pop-out dashboard, click on Manage Organization, then click on the name of the organization you wish to edit.
  • Then click on the orange Manage tab, and then the orange Aunt Bertha tab.

Add your Aunt Bertha ID to your ConnectVA organization profile

  • Paste your Aunt Bertha ID and click on Save Changes. 

Add your Aunt Bertha ID to your ConnectVA organization profile

  • Now click on the white Aunt Bertha tab to view your newly updated profile.

Add your Aunt Bertha ID to your ConnectVA organization profile

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Adding/Managing Programs

In the Programs tab, you can add and manage your Organizations programs. Programs are searchable in the Organization Directory.


To add a Program, click on Create New:


 Add your Program details and click on Create Program:


You will now see your Program listed, and you have the option to Delete or Edit your Program.


Click on the Program Name to view how your Program will appear in the Directory.OR, go to Find > Organizations and then click on the Programs tab. Conduct a search to locate your Program.

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Deleting Your Organization

To delete your Organization listing, click on the Delete tab and click on Delete Group.


For more information on Adding/Managing Job Postings, Items, and Events, visit the corresponding sections on our Help page.

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