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ConnectVA User Spotlight: Danielle Nolette, St. Joseph’s Villa

Get to know Danielle Nolette, Veterans Case Manager for St. Joseph’s Villa’s Flagler Housing and Homeless Services.

“Nothing compares to the sparkle in someone’s eye or the little tear that wells up when they finally can call some place home.”

Q: Tell us about yourself and your work. 

My work is primarily focused on working with military personnel, veterans, and their families. Several of my family members and friends are veterans or currently serving and there was something about the culture of the military/verteran population that inspires me — it has made me want to work with this unique population.

Through funding provided by the Supportive Services for Veteran Families, St. Joseph’s Villa works in partnership with Virginia Supportive Housing work to serve veterans and their families find appropriate housing. Specifically, I provide case management and community referrals to ensure the veteran and family remains stably housed. Once housed, a person can focus on finding work (or better work), complete any schooling they wish, obtain necessary benefits, and begin to be able to better provide for their children and families.

Q. Why do you love your work? 

The most rewarding part of my job is the pure and genuine thanks I get from veterans when they obtain housing. A lot of people say the kids make their day, and it’s true, they do — but nothing compares to the sparkle in someone’s eye or the little tear that wells up when they finally can call some place home. 

Q. What’s got you excited? What’s coming next?

Housing more families! We were recently awarded monies from the Virginia Housing Trust for both our Richmond and Petersburg offices. These grants are going to allow us to house more families and continue to provide strong, supportive services for the families in need, both current and future.

My greatest accomplishment thus far in my position has been brokering a relationship between St. Joseph’s Villa and Fort Lee. Not only has this allowed Fort Lee to feel like a bigger part of the regional community, but has also resulted in a great referral sources for the organization. 


Danielle Nolette was born and raised in New Hampshire, completing her Bachelors of Social Work at Centenary College in New Jersey and her Masters of Social Work at Texas State University. 

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